Our work begins in January, as we cut the one-year old vines ("wintercut") and attach them to the lower wire. Spring is the time in which the vines start to grow. You can watch the development of the saplings literally day by day. Wenn the vines reach a certain length, they have to be pushed into the upper pair of wires. In the meantime we get rid of the leaves and dispensable saplings at the lower part of the vines. After that, "Geiztriebe" have to be removed out of the bifurcation of the branches of wine to yield a better crop. 

Our purpose is to reduce the yield to a level which makes sense both in a qualitative and economic reasonable way. Therefore the date of vintage can vary from year to year, depending on the degree of maturity of the grapes. As a result, the vintage could begin in august and end in december - depending on the product range selection we want to achieve.